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about 80 people

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Q: How many people ride on the train car in the book night?
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How many got off the train car in buchenwald in Night?

In "Night" by Elie Wiesel, there is no specific mention of the number of people who got off the train car at Buchenwald concentration camp. However, the book describes the chaotic and brutal conditions upon arrival, where many prisoners were immediately killed or died shortly after.

How many people were loaded into each cattle car in the book Night?

In the book, Night, people were packed into cattle cars. The book does not specify a number, and only gives a generalization.

How many pages does Night Train - novel - have?

Night Train - novel - has 149 pages.

How many pages does Night Train to Lisbon have?

Night Train to Lisbon has 438 pages.

How many carriages are in a night train?

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How many pages does Night - book - have?

Night - book - has 109 pages.

How many pages does Acquainted with the Night - book - have?

Acquainted with the Night - book - has 302 pages.

Who are the main characters in a night to remember?

In the book A Night to Remember there are no main characters. The story is told from many different points of view by many different people. It is a non-fiction book that has many survivors of the Titanic telling what they experienced on the boat.

How many field goals did Night-train Lane block?


What phrase did many people repeat before their death in the book night?

They repeated the phrase "Never shall I forget..."

In the book Night how many ghettos are there?

There were two ghettos in Sighet (in Night).

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