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It's about if you have a big car really in England your allowed to drive a car when your 17.

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Q: How many people can you have in your car once your 18 in the US?
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How many people divie car in Ireland?

Mostly everyone above 18

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How many people can you have in your car once your 18?

Since you have not mentioned which country you live in, the answer applies to the British Isles. You need to be 17 to get a provisional licence in any of the jurisdictions and the law does not care if you are 17 or 70. The answer to your question as put is that you can carry as many people as the vehicle you are licenced for has SEATS and seatbelts.

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How many people under 18 die in car accidents a year in the US?

i hate this website because ASKED a question NOT to answer it

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If you have a Utah driving permit you can drive with people under 18 in back seat of the car, but you must have someone 18 or older in the front passenger seat.

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