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AnswerREAD your contract where it mentions DEFAULT, usually its ONE DAY to be in default. It is up to the lender as to how far you get behind and that depends on how you deal with it. AnswerDespite common belief the number of payments a debtor is behind actually has very little to do with an order of repossession being placed. Since I have been taking vehicles back for the past 19 years I would say that the number one thing that stops repossession or at least prolongs it is the one thing most people avoid. TALKING TO YOUR BANK OR FINANCIAL COMPANY. Now I have heard people say "Well I tried to reason with them and the person on the other end of the phone was rude and threatening in their manner" Unfortunately you will get people like this who spend all day on the phone being lied to and manipulated by debtors. I cannot tell you how to deal with this type of person other than to ask for a senior collection specialist or someone above this idiot. However if you are polite (even if they are not) and you let them know your financial sitution and keep them abreast as things change then they will not send me out to pick up the vehicle. WHY??? Because all they need is some communication and reassurance that you are not crossing the border never to be seen again. Basically they want to keep you in the loan and if you can make half payments or ask to have one deferred (moved) to the end of the loan then this can buy you quite a bit of time. I've seen someone tell their bank to drop dead and then get repoed within 24 hours and I've seen someone work with their bank for 6 months and never make a single payment that entire time. Now these are both extremes but somewhere in the middle is reality and if you work with them and let them know your current address and that you are looking for work then all will go well. I even told this girl I knew to contact her bank and tell them she was actively looking for work and they interviewed her and hired her. Two years later she was the collections manager and sending me her repos. TALK TO YOUR BANK OR FINANCIAL COMPANY.

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Q: How many payments behind do you have to be before they can take your car?
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Does a co-signer have the right to take the car if you are behind on payments?

When you fail to make payments, they go after the co-signer. It can affect his credit. If he makes the payments he can take the car. You wouldn't want to make payments for someone else's car.

What does take a default mean?

Sports- lose by not playing Accounting term- behind on payments on a loan

My payments is behind but I want to trade it in. what dealership would take it?

I dont see why not. The dealership gets their money from the company that financed the car. You arent paying tge dealership, you pay the financial institution. Problem is, if you're behind on payments, that will not help you to get another vehicle.

who will take payments for dentures?

who will take payments for dentures

If you owe child support will you get presidents refund?

No, the state will take it for back child support. If you are not behind in your support payments, you might get the refund.

If your ex spouse got the house in the divorce but now is behind in the payments And you are on the loan still can you take possession of the home if you take over payments?

I have the same question. I'm debating whether to pay off my loan to prevent this from happening or invest the money elsewhere.

I was two months behind but still pay a payment every month. can the car still get repossessed?

If they are accepting your payments, they probably won't take your car.

What is the first step you should take before backing and vehicle?

Look behind you

Does pay-pal take taxes out of payments made to you?

No,paypal does not take taxes out of payments made to you

Can a bank that issued you a credit card take money out of your checking before the payment due date when all recent payments have been made on time?

Not unless you signed up for scheduled automatic payments.

How far behind in rent does it take before you get evicted?

It depends, If it was a private owner then you can talk and negotiate a plan that works, if you were able to get the rent money owed to them in a short time. It also depends on the person, if they are understanding or not. For a commercial property, they dont negotiate as well and also they are not as understanding. But i know that if you are behind 2-3 payments then a evicted notice is issued, you have about a week or 2 to leave.

What is the first step you should take before backing any vehicle?

Look behind you