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There are approximately 250 million registered cars in the U.S. There are probably another 5 million that are stored or just sitting. This is only cars and not trucks and buses.

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Q: How many passenger cars are there in the US?
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How many cars are there in Portugal?

Cars meaning Passenger cars, there are about 4,500,000. All vehicles combined, there are almost 5,900,000.

How many passenger cars in Canada?

There are about 19 million passenger cars and light trucks in the nation of Canada. This includes any primary passenger conveyance that weighs less than 4.5 tons.

What is population per passenger car?

Population per passenger car is the rate of how many people live in a country to how many passenger cars are privately owned.

How Cars in us today?

how many cars in the us today

How many cars were sold in the US in 2000?

There were 9 million passenger cars sold in the United States in 2000. Because of the declining economy in the 2000s, fewer than 6 million were sold in 2009.

How many cars are in the US?

their is over 290 billian cars in the us

How many are the passenger car models to look forward to launched by Toyota?

Toyota has a number of passenger cars launched this year.

What is the ratio cars to people?

There are 254,212,610 registered passenger vehicles in the US in 1012 and the population of the US is 313 million. So put in terms of ratio that is about 1:0.8 people/cars

How many car in Malaysia?

There are approximately 12.7 million cars registered in Malaysia as of 2014. This includes both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

What is the speed limit for passenger cars on highways numbered by the state or the US?

65 In Texas is 70 mph

How many cars were registered in the U.S.A in 1900?

"In 1900 only 4,192 passenger cars (and no trucks or buses) were built in the United States."

Do US citizens have cars?

Yes, there are many US citizens who have cars, but there are many US citizens (like those who are children, those who can't afford cars, etc.) who do not have cars. There are over 250 million registered motor vehicles in the US.