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A standard sized pallet is 1200mm by 1000mm a Euro sized pallet is 1200mm by 800mm. On a 28ft bed you could fit 7 each side making 14. Then times how High you can go. This could depend on the weight limit of your truck for heavy pallets or safe stacking height for lightweight pallets. We would normally stack heavy pallets 16 high and lightweights 20 high but we had a slightly longer bed allowing 16 per course.So 14 times 16 is 224 of heavy pallets or 14 times 20 of lightweights is 280. Remember that pallets will weigh more when wet.

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Q: How many pallets can you fit on a 28ft truck?
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if the pallets are 40" by 48" than 16 will fit

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Assuming you mean a 48 ft. trailer with at least 96 inches of deck width, and you're using standard 40"x48" pallets, you could fit two across and 14 long for a total of 28 single stacked pallets.

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If they are 4' x 4' then you can fit 2 rows of 12, or 24 pallets. If you can stack the freight 2 high, you can get 48 pallets in there.

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