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The numbers of letter and numbers allowed on personalized car reg plates ranges from 8-10 depending on where one procures the personalized car reg plates.

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2013-08-23 10:07:02
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Q: How many numbers and letters are allowed on personalized car reg plates?
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What was the game show that you had to guess the answer by combining letters pictures and numbers it was almost like some personalized license plates are?


Do you know who I would contact for personalized license plates?

Typically the DMV is the agency who deals with license plates. They usually have a limited selection of styles to choose from, or you can request a personalized one. You can request a specific arrangement of letters and numbers for your legal license plate, but it may not be available to you.

If a license plate consists of two letters followed by four digits how many different plates are possible?

If all letters and numbers are allowed, the possibilities are 26x26x10x10x10x10. So: 6760000 different plates.

How many different ways can a license plate be made containing two letters and three digits with repetition of the numbers and letters not allowed?

There are 676,000 ways to make the license plates.

What numbers can be used as letters on number plates?


What color are Ohio license plates?

Ohio Plates come in a variety of flavors. Standard Dick and Jane Plates: Red Boarder, Blue Letters/Numbers and White Background. Custom Plates: White Background, Blue Letters/Numbers, Blue Boarder DUI Plates (often refereed to as "Party Plates"): Orange Background, Red Letters/Numbers See more plates at:

What are some restrictions on using custom license plates?

Restrictions, Personalized license plates may consist of up to seven characters and numbers. All personalized plate choices must have at least two characters.

How many different licence plates are possible if the numbers and letters can be repeated numbers 0 to 9 and all 26 letters of the alphabet?

36n where n is the number of digits allowed in the plate. If a blank space is acceptable as a digit, then that becomes 37n.

Which site can I get personalized license plates? has tons of customizable license plates for affordable prices. Making them fully personalized. A great alternative is your government website can prove information on personalized license plates.

If automobile license plates consist of two letters followed by four digits how many different license plates ae possible if letters and numbers can be repeated?

There are 26 possible letters and 10 possible numbers. The number of license plates possible is then 26*26*10*10*10*10 = 6760000.

How much for license plates?

depends on your state. Personalized plates are more expensive than regular plates.

How many license plates can be made using three numbers and four letters?


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