How many motor vehicles in Tanzania?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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there are approximately 500,000 registered vehicles in Tanzania, which every vehicle use approximately 10 litres of fuel a day which is TSH 20,000/= where by per day consumption of Fuel in the country by a car only is 10Billion shillings. whreby consumption of fuel in the country in minimum says is TSHS 3trillion, this money is always goes abroad for purchasing of fuel, but if we will use natural gas that we have in our country we will serve 3Trillion shillings for fuel only, and money circulation will almost be 3trillion in the country, now there are cars which had been designed to use gas and empherised by TPDC but goverment official refused them because of the 10% as corruption they get from fuel import, please lets crews this people.

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Q: How many motor vehicles in Tanzania?
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