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1 minute 20 seconds.

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Q: How many minutes it takes for 1 mile by car by 45 mph?
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Driving a car how many minutes are a mile?

A minute

How many minutes are in a mile?

2-3 mintues in a car ride

How long does it take in a car to do a mile at 60mph?

For the above car, speed is=60m/h=60 miles in 1 hour=60 miles in 60 minutesIf the car takes 60 minutes to cover 60 miles,Then, the time duration in which the car covers a mile is=60/60 minutes=1 minuteTherefore, it can be said that it takes 1 minute to do 1 mile in 60 miles an hour.

How much time does it take for a car to drive one mile at 60 mph?

It takes one minute- there are 60 minutes in a hour, so if the car is doing 60mph, then it's travelling a mile every minute.

How many minutes will it take to drive a car in one mile?

At 60 miles an hour, one minute.

How long will it take a car to travel 9 miles at 20 miles per hour?

Let us assume that the car has zero acceleration, and will remain the same speed.We will start with the time it takes to travel 1 mile. Since a car going 60 miles per hour takes 1 minute to go one mile ( 60 minutes divided by 60 miles equals 1 ), it will take 3minutes for a car going 20 miles per hour to travel 1mile ( 60/20= 3. )If it takes 3 minutes to travel 1 mile, then it will take 27 minutes to travel 9 miles( 3* 9= 27. )

How long does it take for a mile long train to go through a mile long tunnel if it goes 30 mph?

4 minutes. The last car on the train is the best way to think about it. That car has to travel the length of the train(1 mile) and also the length of the tunnel( also 1 mile). The total distance would be 2 miles, obviously. So if the train were traveling at 60mph it takes 1 minute to go 1 mile, but since it is going 30mph, it would take two minutes to go 1 mile.

How many hours takes a car to drive 8 miles?

Not hours, 8 minutes at 60 mph

How many hours is it from Glasgow to Orkney by car?

It takes around 7 hours and 30 minutes to travel from Glasgow to Orkney by car and by ferry.

If a car goes 1 mile in 4 minutes how fast is the car going?

15 miles per hour.

If a car travels 10 miles in 10 minutes how fast is the car traveling?

1 mile per minute

How many minutes takes the car to get 35 miles per hours?

not enough information to answer, we need the acceleration rate