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It is 89.2 miles from Harrisburg, PA to Center Line Avenue in Williamsport, PA. It is 69 miles from Harrisburg to State Line, PA .

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Q: How many miles from Harrisburg PA to the state line of Williamsport PA?
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How many road miles is it from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to San Jose California?

The distance is 1,031 road miles from the Louisiana state line to Harrisburg.

How many miles across Alabama on i20?

About 213 miles from state line to state line on I-20.

How many miles is it from the northeastern state line of Pennsylvania to the northeastern state line of California?

about 2700 miles

Where is Nashville located?

Nashville TN is approximately in the center of the State of Tennessee.It is approximately 230 miles from the North Carolina state line on I-40 and about 220 miles from the Mississippi state line to Nashville.On I-65 it is approximately 50 miles to the Kentucky state line from Nashville and about 85 miles to the Alabama state line.

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The distance is 745 road miles from the CA state line to the TX state line.

Distance in miles Iowa to Pennsylvania?

The driving distance from the Iowa state line to the PA state line is 556 road miles.

How far is Columbus Ohio from Harrisburg Pennsylvania?

According to google maps the fastest route by car is 367 miles. By foot it is 374 miles and in a straight line they are most likely 350 miles apart. Mike X

How many driving miles is it from Colorado to Michigan?

The approximate distance from the Colorado state line to the Michigan state line by road is 635 miles.

How many miles driving from Utah to Michigan?

The driving distance from Utah to Michigan is approximately 1,400-1,600 miles, depending on the specific starting and ending locations within each state.

What is the driving distance in miles between California and Texas?

The driving distance from the CA state line to the TX state line is about 743 road miles.

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