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as far as I know..its around 40 miles daily..

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Q: How many miles does the average person drive to work each day?
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What is the average distance people drive to work?

I drive 34 miles to work each day.

What is national average of miles each American driver drives per day?

The average American will drive 33.4 miles a day.

100 miles from you by car how fast miles per hour should you drive your car on average to get to in 2 hours?

If you have to drive 100 miles, and you have 2 hours to do it in, I think 50 miles in each hour ought to get you there.

How many miles will the pasez family drive each day it they decide to take 5 days to drive 865 miles to dallas?

They will drive an AVERAGE of 865/5 = 173 miles each day. But I suspect that, on day 1, they will not stop at exactly 173 miles and spend the night on the roadside if the nearest hotel/motel is 170 or 180 miles!

How many miles do Americans drive per day?

the average American drives around 12,000 miles a year or 1,000 miles a month

How far can drive at 80mph?

If you find a place where it is legal to drive 80 mph and you drive for an hour, you will have covered 80 miles. If you average 20 mpg and have a 15 gallon tank, you will cover 300 miles with each tank of gas.

What is the average miles driven per year in new york?

The average miles driven per person each year in New York is 15,000 miles. The average number of miles a taxi driver drives in a 12 hour period is 180.

Six friends will stay at a cabin 148.5 miles away from home Each person will drive one sixth of the distance How far will each person drive?

divide 148.5 by 6 I'm not going to tell you the answer it's so easy you do it.

If you drive at 80 mph for x hours how many miles do you drive?

You drive 80 miles for each hour. So 80 * x = miles.

What is the average kilometers driven by a person each year?

The average American drives on average 12,000 miles per year. That would equal 19312.13 Kilometers

If you drive to and from work 47 miles each day how many miles do you drive a week?

If you work five days a week, you will drive 235 miles a week.

How many miles does a car must have per year?

There is no miles a car must drive each year. If you are asking what is the average miles driven per year (2013) in the U.S. it is around 12,000 miles which is down from 2012.