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6,000 - 7,000, if they don't have to sit around and wait for loads.

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Q: How many miles can team truck drivers drive per week?
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How many miles can team truck drivers drive legally per week?

It's their hours on which the laws are based, not the distance they cover during their driving times.

What is the salary for truck drivers?

The salary for a truck driver depends on how many miles you are driving and which company that you are driving for. A truck driver can make anywhere between $40,000 and up.

How many miles can you drive with a gallon of gasoline?

My old truck gets 11mpg, so I can go 11 miles.

How many hours do local truck drivers drive in a typical day?

In the US, commercial truck drivers cannot drive more than 11 hours in a 14 hours period. Also, the driver must have 10 consecutive hours of rest before driving again.

How many hours does it take to go 43 miles in a dodge truck?

depends on how fast you drive.

How many people drive in an official NASCAR race?

In a Nascar Cup and Nationwide Series race there are 43 drivers. In a Nascar Truck Series race there are 36 starting drivers.

Do all truck drivers belong to the Teamsters?

No, not all truck drivers belong to the Teamsters. There are many other semi truck driving companies as well as semi truck drivers that work for large retailers.

Do a lot more people drive cars than pick up trucks?

It is impossible to find the exact demographic of truck drivers to car drivers in Kentucky. However Kentucky does experience moderately cold winters and has lots of farm land so chances are high that there are many pick up truck drivers in Kentucky.

If your truck gets 15 miles to the gallonsan it holds 15 gallons how many miles can you drive?

15 * 15 or 225 miles. This is if the fuel pump can get every last drop out of the tank !

How many drivers UPC employs in the US?

There are many truck drivers that work for UPS. Each city employs at least ten different truck drivers, as many are needed in every area. One can apply at their local UPS store.

How many miles do you have to get on your truck before the factory will give you a new truck?

No firm is going to give you a new truck no matter how many miles you have travelled.

How many hours does it take to drive from Portland Oregon to Calexico?

I'm saying 14 by car and 20 hours for a BIG truck drive time total ,its 1016 miles