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I'm unable to find anything which breaks down trucks by type - a medium duty truck is a Class 4 to Class 6 truck (Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings of 14,001 to 26,000 lbs.). Ryder has somewhere in the range of 30,000 trucks.. these range from light duty Class 1 - Class 3 vehicles up to tractor trailer power units. You would have to contact the company directly to get such a statistical breakdown, if they were to offer this information.

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Q: How many medium duty trucks does ryder have in it's rental fleet?
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What kind of trucks can be rented from Ryder Truck Rental?

Any kind of trucks. Big trucks, small trucks, cool trucks, hot trucks, awesome trucks, bad trucks, and best of all monster trucks. Glad to be of assistance to you.

Where can I rent a truck for local use in Burke, VA?

If you are referring to moving trucks, there is a Budget rental (703-644-4876), and a Ryder truck rental (703-503-7926). By calling these numbers, you can get quotes and availability.

Where can moving trailers be rented?

There are a few options for one to rent moving trailers. The most well known companies that you can contact are U-Haul, Budget Rental and Ryder trucks.

What companies offer cargo truck rental?

Almost every major rental company provides cargo trucks/vans for rental. These include: Enterprise, Ryder, Budget, and U-Haul. You may also want to contact a storage center. Sometimes they offer cargo truck rentals for their tenants. Some of the companies that offer cargo truck rentals include U-Haul, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Ryder, and Budget Truck Rental.

Where can one find a cheap rental truck for moving?

Cheap rental trucks for moving can be rented from Ryder. One can rent a moving truck from Ryder for approximately $80 per day. One can also rent a moving truck from U-Haul. The prices vary, from $20 to $40 per day, depending on the size of the truck one rents.

Who offers cheap moving truck rentals?

Ryder and Enterprise are two companies that offer moving truck rentals at various prices and many different trucks are also available for rental by customers.

truck leasing company deals on leasing more than one truck?

Most local trucking and equipment rental dealers offer bulk or fleet discounts. Companies like Ryder are known nationwide for commercial truck rentals. Ryder has dealers in most major cities.

Where can you drop off a Ryder commercial truck rental?

You can drop off a Ryder commercial truck rental anywhere. However, you will be charged more if you don't drop it off where you picked it up.

How many locations are there to rent a Ryder truck from?

Ryder has over 500 rental locations in USA with over 30,000 models to choose from. All rentals are roundtrip and must be returned to the original rental location. One way rentals are not available for Ryder.

Where do i find cargo truck rentals?

Most car rental companies also rent cargo trucks and vans. For larger rentals call U-Haul or Ryder. For smaller cargo vans companies such as Enterprise Rent A Car, Dollar Rental, Avis, and Hertz all have rentals.

With which companies can you rent a truck in Montreal?

Any of the large chain Rental car companies offer both SUV's and even Moving Trucks. Some companies such as U-Haul, Penske, Ryder offer Moving truck rentals.

Where can one find replacement parts for a Ryder truck?

You may be able to find replacement parts for a Ryder truck at your nearest scrap metal yard, or you could go to the website Ryder Fleet Products and you can purchase replacement parts there.