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how many kids are hit by cars on halloween each year in the united states

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Q: How many kids get hit by a car on Halloween?
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How many kids have been hit by a car in Michigan?

40%of kids in michiganhave been hit by a car

How many kids get hit by a car a day?

300 kids a year

How many kids get hit by a car and die?

Personally, I havn't hit any, but I've heard of many stories of people hitting kids and them dying

How many kids get killed by getting hit by a car each year?

200 people get killed by a car in different countries

What is the name of the poem by Doug Macleod about Aunty Jean and Halloween?

It's called "Car Attack". The first verse goes: On last year's Halloween A car hit Aunty Jean. Enraged by this attack, My aunty hit it back.

If I have a friend who was hit by a car I just want to know how many other kids get hit by cars each year?

a lot of kids do...but if your friend did, i guess you could add one more to that number

Where can you hit your kids?

The modern view is that it is wrong to hit your kids. Indeed in many countries it is ILLEGAL to do this.

what are the halloween pop music albums?

A very Good Halloween Album for parties and other occasions is called Haunted Halloween Pop Music by Halloween Hit Factory. It is 15.99$ on Amazon. I own this album and its fun with Kids and Adults of All Ages. Here Is the Link

What time does Halloween start in 2014?

Halloween is on the same date every year - October 31st.In 2013 this is a Thursday.

How many times can you get hit by a car?

As many times as you can

How many kids get hit by a train?

About 1000 people get hit by trains every year.

How many animals get hit by a car?

You ask about A car - not cars, and as insects are animals it is difficult to estimate how many insects get hit but certainly every car hits some animals.