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As many as the purchasing agent ordered it with. It could have an Allison automatic with five or six gears, it could have an Eaton-Fuller manual or automatic with 9, 10, 13, or 18 gears, it could have a ZF Meritor automatic with 12 gears.

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Q: How many gears are in a daycab international semi truck?
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How much gears do a mack truck have?

As many as the transmission the customer orders with it has. Could be as few as four or as many as 18.

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For a North American truck, most of your average fleet trucks will run either a 9 or 10 speed transmission. Owner/operator and heavy haulers tend to have more gears - 13, 15, or 18 (15 speeds are a bit uncommon, though).

How many gears does a 84 Dodge Ram have?

If you are asking about how many gear ranges the transmission has, the auto has 3 and the manual has 5. If you are asking about how may total gears the truck has, when you add up the rear axle, transmission, distributor, steering, etc, there are dozens.

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How many gears does big Ben have in the great movie detective

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