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Q: How many folding aisle seats are allowed in a school bus?
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How many folding aisle seats are allowed in a bus caring farm workers?


How many folding aisle seats are allowed in a bus that is not carrying farm workers?


The market for airline seats includes both aisle-seat and middle-seat demand The demand for the aisle seats is higher than for the middle seats The airline can price seats to achieve equilibrium in?

tough homework.

What is overloaded on a school bus?

There are two ways to overload passengers on a school bus. 1) exceed the posted seating capacity. 2) a school bus is considered overloaded when kids are in the aisle. All passengers must fit on seats and leave the aisle clear.

What is a homophone for Passage between seats?

aisle, isle

Make a sentence using the word aisle?

I enjoy aisle seats more than ones near the window.

What vehicles offer a folding third seat?

The Chrysler Pacifica offers FIVE folding seats.

How am I able to tell if two seats are together at FedExField or if they are separated by an aisle?

If they are separated by an aisle they will not be in the same section. All seats in a section are together and not separated by aisles. The aisles separate sections.

What are the outside and inside seats of a school bus.. Is the seat near the window the inside or outside seat?

The aisle seat is inside, window seat outside.

How can you use the word aisle in a sentence?

The father of the bride escorted her down the aisle. The movie theatre was dark but the aisle was lit allowing us to find our seats. etc.

What is an aisle in a church?

It's the same thing as an aisle in the movies, the space between the seats, which are often called pews in a church. The aisle is where the people walk.

2007 Ford Mustang folding rear seats?

Yes the rear seats lay down