How many engines does a jumbo jet have?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A jumbo jet, also known as a 747, has four engines. These engines are all mounted on the wings of the plane and are needed to power the plane through height weight takeoffs.

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Q: How many engines does a jumbo jet have?
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What happens if both engines fail on a jumbo jet?

it will crash

What is jumbo jet?

A Jumbo Jet is any Boeing 747.

how many computers are in a jumbo jet?


How a jumbo jet glides?

Jumbo jets do not glide, they have trajectory. Without their engines they essentially fall out of the sky. There are some reports of pilots increasing the glide path somewhat.

Who invented the jumbo jet and how?

Boeing the company invented the jumbo jet.

Is the jumbo jet a type of airbus?

No. The Jumbo Jet is a Boeing 747.

How made the jumbo jet?

Many jumbo jets are being made by Boeing and some by Airbus.

How many people can fit in a jet plane?

On a standard 747 jumbo jet, there are 420 seats.

How many pairs of shoes can you fit in a jumbo jet?


How many wheels on jumbo jet?

A 747 has 18 wheels.

How many ping pong balls does it take to fill a jumbo jet?

Approximately it would take 3,600,456 balls in order to fill a jumbo jet plane

When was Jumbo Jet - Cedar Point - created?

Jumbo Jet - Cedar Point - was created in 1972.