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Depends. Up to the 1980s, there were still a lot of school buses with gas engines, and those would have big block V8s. The diesel school buses tend to use an inline six diesel engine - the I6 is a naturally balanced engine. Even though they're only six cylinders, you're still talking about an engine displacing between six and nine liters.

The Powerstroke diesels, which are in V8 configuration, are available for buses built on Ford chassis, although the Cummins engines are the default for the medium- and heavy-duty Ford trucks (take that, Powerstroke afficiandos!).

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Q: How many engine cylinders does a school bus have?
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How many cylinders does a bus have?

12 cylinder engine twin turbo stock intercooler

How many mile can a school bus go on one tank of gas?

Depends on the size of the school bus, size of the fuel tank, if it has a diesel or gasoline engine, and the mpg it will get. None of which you list.

How many quarts of oil does a school bus take?

Depends on what the engine is. Anywhere from 5 for a smaller gas engine to 20 for a medium duty diesel engine.

How many tires on a school bus?

There are four tires on a school bus because there are four wheels on a school bus. that is true ^ Where I am from, they have 6.

Why is a school bus a compound machine?

A school bus is a compound machine because it combines multiple simple machines working together. In order to power a school bus you use a lever to turn the key, a plank to get the gas from the tank to the engine, and the engine uses gears to work.

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How much does a 2012 school bus cost Canada?

There are to many options such as size, engine, primary use etc to be able to answer this question.

How much oil does a school bus hold?

As much as the engine manufacturer specifies.

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How many quarts of oil do you put in a school bus?

Depends entirely on what the engine is. A Type A with a small block gas engine and a Type D with a medium duty diesel engine will not take the same amount of oil.

How many mpg does a Greyhound bus get?

You would have to know the size and type of engine, the age of the engine, the age of the bus and weight of the bus. As a general rule, a diesel engine on a bus would get around 6-15 miles per gallon.