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in the US, four and six

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2013-05-14 16:32:55
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Q: How many cylinders are there in most cars?
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Does a motor vehicles have 3 to 12 cylinders?

It depends on the vehicle type. Full electric cars have zero cylinders while cars can range from 1 < 16 cylinders.

How many cylinders will a motor vehicle have?

Modern cars usually have either 4, 6, or 8 cylinders. Modern semis usually have either 12 or 16 cylinders. Early cars have had as few as 1 cylinder to as many as 20 cylinders! It all depends on the design.

Where are the wheel cylinders on cars?

The wheel cylinders are generally located inside the wheel drums on cars and trucks. They work the brake shoes.

What does an cars intake do?

Channels air into the cylinders

What is the most cylinders a car can have?

Most as in "Production cars": Bugatti Veyron with the W16 Most as in, possible amount: The sky is the limit, depending on how much money you have.

Why do cars need so many cylinders?

The more cylinders there are the more power the engine produces. That's why a bigger vehicle like a truck has 8 cylinders while a small compact car that doesn't weigh very much has a 4 cylinder.

Why do you have no spark on cylinders one and four?

on a lot of gm cars cylinders 1 & 4 fire off the same coil.

How many cylinders in a NASCAR engine?

NASCAR engines have been known to have 6 cylinders, but most prefer to run V8s.

Which automobile car engine has three cylinders?

The Smart cars have three cylinder engines, as did some Geo cars.

What is the list of the v12 cars?

The list of V12 cars is a list of vehicles that use a V12 engine. A V12 engine uses 12 cylinders and is available in many consumer cars. V12 engines are also available for marine crafts.

Do cars go faster with more cylinders?

yes it goes much faster

Does Lincoln Town Cars engines shut down to four cylinders on hwy?


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