How many cc is a 6hp engine?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: How many cc is a 6hp engine?
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How much cc are in a 6hp go kart engine?

if you look on the side of the engine cover it should say model number engine type and code...on a 6hp murray go kart with a Tec. 6hp it reads 196cc

How much cc are in a 6 horse power engine?

There are many ways to make horsepower. Compression, carburetion, stroke etc. A smaller engine may make more horsepower than a bigger engine. So trying to find the cc from a HP rating is guessing at best. To give you a ball park figure I just looked on a Tecumseh 6HP Power Sport engine and it says 195cc on the manufacturers tag. Hope this helps.

How much horsepower does a 179 cc engine equal?

If it's a Kawasaki 179cc on a lawnmower, it seems the answer is 6hp. Check out this web site.

350 cc engine is how many liters?

A 350 cc engine is equal to 0.35 liters.

How many hp in a 99 cc engine?

3.3 HP

correct spark plug for 1970 OMC 6HP?

For a 1970 OMC 6HP engine, the recommended spark plug is the Champion J6C or an equivalent plug

How many cubic inches is a 1200 cc engine?

A 1200 cc engine is equivalent to approximately 73.23 cubic inches. This conversion is based on the fact that 1 cc is equal to about 0.06102 cubic inches.

How many piston in four stroke engine in 150 cc?

I have a 149 cc engine on my lawnmower and it has ( 1 ) piston

How many cc are in a pt cruiser engine?

2.4L would be 2400 cc

How many cc. is the 145.8cid engine?

2,389 cc a nominal 2.4 litres

How many cc's does a Honda trx 450r have?

The engine displacement is 450 cc's.

How many horsepower are in 209 cc's?

13.93 horsepower for 209 cc engine