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well for two couples they must have two cars if they work separtly and if u live in the house they have 3 or more

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Q: How many cars does the average California household have?
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How many cars does the average household have in Malaysia?


How many cars does the average UK household have?

The average household in the UK in 2000 mainly owned one car however the last data took in 2009 showed an average of 2 cars per household. We predict by 2012 each household will have atleast three cars as they are essential to live a normal life.

How many cars does the average us household own?

About two to three, sometimes people tend to have about four but that is usually the most, on average.

How many DVDs on average does a household own?

How many DvDs do the average household own?

How many cars does an average family have in New Zealand?

Average of 2 cars.

How many cars does the average family have in Arizona?

The average amount of cars a family has in Arizona is three cars.

What is the average weekly household spending for UK?

This depends on how many people live in the household.

How many cars does the average household have?

It all depends on the country you're asking about. Worldwide the average number of cars per household is probably less than one (<1) due to the staggering amount of people in Africa, India, and China without automobiles. TheEIA (Energy Information Administration) released a report in 2001 showing that on average America alone has about 1.8 (1.785) cars per household. 1 This is due to the fact that it has the highest GDP/capita in the world. 1 Tagged by A_f; (next person here)

Uruguays average household has how many people?

The average household in Uruguay has around 2.8 people.

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