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As many as you can afford.

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2015-03-28 05:54:26
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Q: How many cars can you own in South Carolina?
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How many cats can you own in South Carolina?

In South Carolina and other states, there is not limit to the number of pets you can own. However, it is very common for individual cities to have pet limits. Check with the city in which you live to find out how many cats you can own.

How many animals can you own in South Carolina?

There is no limit to having animals in South Carolina. It's like any other state. Although, you are not allowed and snakes in this state.

Who owns the rights to the South Carolina State anthem?

Not Michael Jackson. He does own the rights to "Carolina on My Mind" that is included in the Beatles songs he has the rights to, but he does not own the rights of "South Carolina on My Mind".Always check Snopes.

Can a convicted felon own a rifle or shotgun in South Carolina?


Is concealment of property legal in south Carolina?

If it is your own, certainly not.

Can a convicted felon in South Carolina own a compound bow?

Many states exclude convicted felons from having a compound bow or being near weapons. This includes the state of South Carolina. Convicted felons also cannot have roommates that own weapons.

Is it legal to carry a switchblade knife or automatic knife in South Carolina?

I believe they are legal to own in south carolina, but you can't carry it on your person.

What is the phone number for Fast Cash for Cars in North Carolina?

The phone number for Fast Cash for Cars in North Carolina is 1-877-CARS-617. One can find more about them on their own website, fc4cars, where one can find Fast Cars for Cars' e-mail as well.

Can you own a long gun in south Carolina with a with a drug charge?

Hope not

Is it legal to own lock picking tools in South Carolina?


How many cars did Michael Jackson own?

6 cars

How many cars does Tyler Perry own?

7 cars

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