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You need to say what state. In Virginia you can own all the cars you want. It is how many you sell per year that would determine whether or not you needed a dealer license.

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Q: How many cars can one own in the state of il without a dealership license?
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Do you have to have a dealer license to sell cars?

In almost every state you can sell at least 2 cars without a dealers license. In some state it can be as many as 5 cars. Check with your state's Secretary Of State for the requirements in your state.

Can you trade in your car at a dealership for another car without a driver license?

It is a requirement to have a driving licence to buy cars in some countries.

Can you buy cars in California without a state driver license nor an international driver license?


How many cars a year can you sell without a dealers license?

That depends on what state.

How do you get a dealership license to buy cars at auction?

Go to your local DMV and ask them how to apply for a dealers license.

How many used cars can you sale a year without a license?

This number will differ from state to state.

How many used cars can you sell before you need a dealer's license in Maryland?

The state of Maryland allows an individual to sell used cars without obtaining a dealerâ??s license. In Maryland, you can sell up to five used cars without a dealerâ??s license.

Do you have to have a dealership to have a dealers license?

I want to sell cars. Do I need a dealer license to sell to the public on a low scale.

How many cars you can sell in Louisiana per year without a dealers license?

A person can sell four cars in a 12 month period of time in Louisiana if they are not a licensed dealer. The annual fee for a dealership license is $200 as of 2014. There is also a $25 per year fee for a sale's license.

What if you sell cars for profit with no license?

You can sell up to a certain number of vehicles without a license. This varies from state to state. In some states if you sell even 1 for profit you need a license.

How many cars can you sell in the state of Ohio in 1 year without a license?

In Ohio, you can sell up to five cars in one calendar year without needing to obtain a dealer's license. If you exceed this limit, you will be required to get a dealer's license to continue selling cars legally in the state.

How many cars can you buy and sell in the state of Ohio in one year without a dealers license?