How many cars are built in a year?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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nd Mercedes c- class Amgare made by people and lots of other exotic cars. so mainly it depends on what kind of car.

^^the question was asking how many cars (in general) and there are aprox. 70million new cars built a year and about a total of 800million cars in the world.

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Q: How many cars are built in a year?
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How many ferrari cars a year are built?

about 2000

How many cars BMW will built in year?

BMW manufactures from 2mil -2.5mil a year

What year where cars built?

8th of June 2010

What year did cars successfully drive on the road?

The same year the road was built

How many cars has been built?

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What is the largest number of a car built in one year?

The Ford Navajo is the largest number of cars built in one year. Beginning in 1981 and ending later that year, over 500,000 cars were produced. Needless to say it was a commercial failure.

How many cars are made a day?

Roughly 200,000 cars are built each day.

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4 cars a year

How many 2008 Dodge Challengers were built?

6,400 cars were built for pre-sold.

Where are cars built?

cars are built in car factories

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