How low can your car be to the ground?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the car can be no lower that the bottom rim of the wheel in case of a blowout

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Q: How low can your car be to the ground?
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How do you make a fast co2 car design?

very thin And low to the ground

What does low low mean when it comes to cars?

A low low is a slang term for a car whose suspension has been altered. Thus, instead of the car sitting at its original height, it sits closer, or lower, to the ground.

How do you make your car exhaust last longer?

make sure your car isn't to low because the exaust might scratch the ground and brake

Does a car's stated ground clearance take into account how low the suspension will let it go if it bounces?

No, the ground clearance is measured with the vehicle sitting still.

How low is 1.75 inches?

Awfully low to the ground. I would consider driving slowly on speed bumps and dips in the road if your car is hoisted to that height.

Why does the car stall when lights are on?

a weak battery, weak alternator , just a low idel speed or bad ground

How do you fix your RC car my tires spin in the air but when it touches the ground they stop?

Sometimes that happens when the battery is low, try recharging it and the trying it on a flat ground (not brick)

Low marshy ground called?

low, marshy ground = bog or swamp

Do trouts stay low to the ground or away from the ground in the water?

both light stays low and heavy low.

How many inches does a car have to be from the ground?

How many inches of the ground can my car be if dropped

What causes a metal grinding sound from the rear a car when going over a bump?

It actually can be from the rear axle being too low to the ground. The back of the car hits the speed bump. That was the case with my bro's car anyway

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Ground squirrels live in bushes and low lying areas. They will run up trees as well but usually stay low to the ground.