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Depends on what state you live in and what school district.

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Q: How long will a license be suspended if a student is expelled from school?
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Can you take a pocket knife to school in Missouri?

No you will get suspended or expelled

What will happen to a student who caught cheating?

the student can be expelled from school or can be punished .

What will happen if you do not follow the order of your school?

Then you will get in trouble... maybe expelled or suspended, depending on how strict the school is.

Will you get suspended for forging a letter at school?

Yes. And you will get suspended or expelled if a signature is forged, or if you claimed that copyrighted information was (is) your own.

What will happen to you if you take a bb gun to school and get caught?

You will be either expelled or suspended.

Can you use pen gun at school?

Good luck getting suspended/expelled.

How do you use expelled in a sentence?

A student can be expelled from school for bad behavior. The volcano expelled a cubic mile of rock and debris.

How far away does an expelled student have to be from the school?

Normally, it would just be off school property. However, it truly depends on what the student did to get expelled. Worst actions means farther distances.

What would happen in a milddle school student beats another student?

If a student gets into a fight without another student in any type of school environment, then both students will be suspended, with the aggressor possibly being expelled or at the least suspended for longer. It will go on your permanent record if your school keeps such a record which can affect your ability to get into college. Physical alterations are a poor reflection of a person and should be avoided. It's best to talk out your differences rather than engage in barbaric behaviors.

What is the difference of being suspended and being expelled?

Being suspended means temporarily being removed from school or an organization for a specific period of time, typically due to misconduct. On the other hand, being expelled is a permanent removal from school or an organization, usually for serious or repeated violations of rules or policies. Expulsion typically involves a more severe consequence compared to suspension.

What could happen if you test possitive for meth at school?

You could be expelled or suspended from school if you test positive for meth.

What can girl in school get suspended for?

A girl in school can get suspended for actions such as physical violence, bullying, substance abuse, cheating on exams, or repeatedly breaking school rules. Each school has its own specific code of conduct that outlines behaviors that can result in suspension.