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depends on how fast you are traveling

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Q: How long does it take to travel 28.2 miles in a car?
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How long does it take to drive 282 miles?

At 60 MPH average, about 4 hr 42 min.

If you were driving 235 miles per hour how long will it take you to drive 282 miles?

Every block of 235 miles takes an hour. So that's 282/235 = 1.2 hours =1 hour 12 minsFormula:Time = Distance/Rate= 282/235= 1.2 hours= 1 hour + (0.2 hr * 60mins/1 hr)= 1 hour + 12 minutesAnswer:It will take 1 hour & 12 minutes to drive 282 miles at 235mph.

How long is the travel time from los angeles to san francisco?

Google Earth calculates the journey as 282 miles - taking approximately 6 hours 18 minutes.

How much will gas be for 282 miles in a 28 miles per gallon car?

282 miles/282 mpg = 10.1 gallons, approx. Simple!

How long to drive 282 miles?

Just over 4 hours on a British motorway.

How many square miles is in 282 acres?

There are 0.440625 square miles in 282 acres.

How far is norristown from Washington D.C.?

The driving distance is about 282 miles. The journey would take about 5 hours and 2 minutes

What is the distance between Vancouver WA and MedfordOR?

The distance is about 282 miles. It should take a little under 5 hours to travel it. The time is going to vary depending on traffic and how many stops you make.

How many miles driving from Atlanta GA to Hilton Head SC?

About 282 miles if you take I-75 S and I-16 E.

How long is 282 meters?

282 metres Love it...

How long would it take to drive 282 km?

Missing information: How fast are you driving?

What is the distance from stabul to Ankara?

282 miles