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Any newer car with a catalytic converter cuts down 99% of the carbon monoxide. You can still die from it but it takes way longer, ive heard 1-4 hours depending.

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Q: How long does it take to asphyxiate from car exhaust fumes?
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For an long haul trucker which is more lethal cigarettes exhaust fumes or accidents?

I would be more worried about the foods I eat, do some research on msg! Accidents. Cigarettes and exhaust fumes take years to kill you; some accidents will kill you immediately.

What is the function of the exhaust?

to take fumes and nasty gases away from the engine and to the outside of the car and to clean up emissions as much as possible.

How do car emissions cause neurological injury?

Vehicle exhaust contributes to the death of brain cells, leading to neurological injury. The fumes in the exhaust take a toll on mental capacity, intelligence, and emotional stability.

Why do i Smell gas outside car not inside?

Take a second, lightly sniff gasoline fumes before its been burned, then compare with exhaust fumes, and see which you are smelling. Exhaust fumes you'll naturally smell around an idling car. unburned gasoline could be the result of an improperly set carb, mixing the wrong amounts of fuel and air, leaving you with unburned gasoline that is boiled, evaporated, and spit out the exhaust. Too much evaporated gas turns your exhaust black, so ive been told, so there could be a sign.

How long would it take for a car with a large exhaust to kill you with carbon monoxide?

Breathing from the exhaust exit, one would pass out after about 8 minutes

How do you use the word exhaust in a sentence?

I was in a state of exhaustion, trying to win his heart.Running away from soldiers caused the little boy great exhaustion.(thats all i can think of now. heh)

What causes gas fumes in Saturn 2001 L-Series?

Is it gas fumes or exhaust? The only cause for a fuel smell inside the vehicle would be a fuel leak, so check the lines, tank, etc. for that. While you're underneath, check the exhaust. Sometimes exhaust can have a similar odor to fuel, so check for exhaust leaks under the vehicle and also check your rear door seals and trunk seals for damage or poor seal. Sometimes exhaust can be sucked in through poor seals. If you are unwilling or unable to get under the vehicle to check for exhaust and/or fuel leaks, take the vehicle to a shop and explain your concerns and ask that it be inspected. Breathing either fuel vapors or exhaust can have serious health and safety risks, so be proactive, do something about it before bad things happen.

How long does it take to die from car exhaust?

I do not know, but I think you shouldn't try. That is about all I can say.

How long does it take for a person to die in a car with the engine running and a hose running from the exhaust to the window?

T he rest of their life.....

How long does it take to fit an exhaust on a T25 Camper van?

it only takes less than an hour, its a very simple system.

How do you treat someone who is suffering from breathing fumes and chemicals?

take straight to medical advice

Change exhaust on a 2007 Harley Sportster do you have to take the bike to harley to have them change anything on the computer?

You will probably be OK as long as you don't change the intake.