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He will be able to tell it has been damaged in a crash immediately

He may take weeks to determine if the crash happened as described by the person reporting it.

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Q: How long does a insurance adjuster take to verify a car that has been in a accident?
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Can you sell you car if it been in a accident and the claim have not been settles?

If the claim has not been completed you need to ask the insurance adjuster before selling the vehicle. The adjuster may not have completed their investigation or the vehicle may be a total loss or whatever the case is that they may not be finished.

How do you file car accident insurance claims?

If one is involved in an auto accident it is important to file a claim immediately. The process for insurance claims can vary but the general procedures after filing the claim are to schedule an inspection and speak with your adjuster. The adjuster will review the damage, the reports and any witness statements to assist in providing a cost estimate. Once the coverage has been determined the repairs can be done.

What information would normally be required for car insurance claim processing?

You have to contact your car insurance provider (normally by phone) to notify them that you have been in an accident. You give the company all of the information pertaining to the accident ie. if anyone was hurt, what the extent of car or property damage is. An insurance adjuster will then come to the scene to validate the information.

How do you find an old insurance company named National Life and Accident Insurance Company?

They have been bought out by American General Life & Accident

Does the injured have a right to resign an attorney even after demand and representation letter has been sent to Insurance Adjuster?


where could i take the insurance adjuster license in the next couple of day in florida along with an exactimate class?

You can take the florida insurance adjuster license at Adjuster Pro: below is some information about the course: Certified Adjuster Course Overview: The 4 day Florida Certified Adjuster Course (including exam) satisfies all Florida Department of Financial Services requirements for obtaining your Florida insurance adjuster license. Once completed, you will simply submit your application to the state of Florida. No further testing, no extra study materials, no additional coursework. Once your application has been submitted, you can expect to be a licensed Florida adjuster within weeks.

Why do insurance companies test for drugs after an accident?

Because the accident could have been caused by the use of drugs.

Does your insurance company need to inform you when you've been found to be at fault for an accident?

Perhaps some states require such notification but I have never been required to notify insureds of my liability determinations. You insurance adjuster sees far too many claims to be able to make extra calls to discuss the claim. Any adjuster I know will, however, be glad to answer any questions you have. Call them, or call your agent if you want to know! By the way, your adjuster has nothing to do with any premium increase. The adjuster's role is determine coverage and liability for a given loss, then adjust claims for damages. Premium increases are the result of a statistical increase in the likelihood of you experiencing another loss in the future which is based partly upon past claims you have had.

If person you hit in car accident has already been paid by their auto insurance co. can the insurance co sue you?

They can

When involved in a multi car accident do all insurance company's need to pay you?

Not unless there are unusual circumstances. Generally the insurance provider of the person who is deemed to have been responsible for the accident is liable.

When was insurance invented?

Right now to srew people like me! who have been hurt in accident!

How does car insurance determine value of car?

It is important after you have an accident and your car becomes useless as your insurance company will have to pay up. Has your car been "totaled" by the insurance company claims adjuster? Is it now being towed to a salvage yard because it has been rendered unusable in an accident? The laws of states vary somewhat, but typically there are state laws involved with "totaled" vehicles in order to keep unsafe "junk" from being driven on public highways. Part of each insurance companies procedures must follow the state statutes in order to comply in the claims process. For more information read the source link below