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A licence (or license) ALLOWS you to drive a car. It does not REQUIRE you to drive a car.

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Q: How long can you hold a license without driving a car?
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Can you ride with someone who has a license without your own license?

Yes as long as you aren't driving.

How long can a car be impounded for if you loan it to someone who does not have a license?

Depends on where it happens. In California, the vehicle can be forfeited (as in taken forever) if the person driving it has a prior for driving without a license.

How long can police hold your license in the UK?

Police in the UK can hold your license as long as is necessary to complete their investigations.

What are the rules for driving with an out of state license?

The same as if you were driving with an in-state license, so long as you're driving on an unrestricted license in good standing from the state of issue.

How long do driving lessons take until you get you license?

It takes on average 6 months to get your driving license.

How long does it take to convert a full Irish driving license to a UK driving license?

three weeks

How long does ni10 last on driving license?


How long is your driving license stamped for after been caught drunk driving in Republic of Ireland?

You will have your license revoked for 1 year.

How long do you have to wait after getting your driving permit to get your driving license?

in most states you have to wait 6 months after you get your learners permit to get your license.

How long do you have to hold you learners permit in New South Wales before you can legally get your license?

You will have to log at least 120 hours of supervised driving in New South Wales with your learners permit before you can attempt the driving test to get a license. A minimum of 20 hours of night driving is required. Night driving hours are between sunset and sunrise.

Is a south African driving license valid for US?

Yes a South African driving license valid for US. As long as you have a valid driving license from South Africa, United States will honor it and you will be allowed to drive.

How long do you hold on to a restricted drivers license in nz?

Nz Restricted Licence is for 18 months, but if you sit a defensive driving course, they'll knock 6months off