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In the event that relies on upon the street and the law of the land. In the US inthe event that your auto uses up gas on Interstate 5, it will probably be towed quickly. Parts of all state expressways and interstates are tow-away zones, she said Under typical circumstances in zones that don't have signs with respect to instantaneous towing, drivers have 24 prior hours a left vehicle is appropriated.

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Q: How long can car legally sit on the side of the road legally before it can be towed?
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How long can you leave a car on public road before being towed in Georgia?

I believe as long as it is NOT a highway, it depends on a local ordnance... However, if you leave it out of the way, I doubt you will get in trouble...

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How long a vehicle can sit on the side of the road before being towed in North Carolina?

Generally speaking, 24 hours. I personally wouldn't rely on that and come back in 23 hours and 55 minutes expecting it to still be there, because local ordinances may override that, and police can generally have anything they consider a "traffic hazard" towed immediately.

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