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depends on how tight you tie the trash bag.....

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Q: How long can a person breathe in a car trunk?
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When was Locked in the Trunk of a Car created?

Locked in the Trunk of a Car was created in 1992.

Where can you get replacement trunk lid springs?

Sometimes parts on a car grow old and break. Replacement trunk lid springs can be bought at car part stores. The person may have to have them special ordered if they are an older part.

Can a car amplifier be mounted in the trunk?

Yes. Some car amplifiers can be mounted in the trunk.

Can you drive the insured car of a deceased friend?

Yes, as long as he is in the car. He may be in the trunk, if you don't want to have a corpse in the passagener seat.

How do you open a car's trunk without the key?

Hey Michael==It would help if you listed what kind of car yu have. SOME cars you can get into the trunk by taking the back seat out and with long extensions, remove the latch. Good luckJoe

Why is a trunk port called a trunk?

a trunk port is called a trunk because it is part of the back end of a car - ie a trunk.

What does a car have that a truck does not have?

A car has a trunk, and a truck does not.

How do you open the trunk on a 1975 Plymouth Fury car?

the trunk

Locked keys in trunk?

If the keys are locked in the trunk of a vehicle and there is access to the backseat, some vehicles allow a person to move a seat back to gain access to the trunk. If the car doors are also locked it is time to call a locksmith.

What is another word for trunk?

A trunk is the stem of the tree.A trunk is the elongated, prehensile nose or snout of an elephant.A trunk is the torso or body apart from the limbs and head of a person or an animal.A trunk is a box, crate, chest, or case with a hinged lid for storing or transporting clothes or other articles.A trunk is a compartment at the back of a car for carrying things.

What is the british English for the American word trunk?

boot (as in the trunk of a car)

How dangerous is car exhaust to breathe?

If you breathe in car exhaust for long periods it can cause death so is therefore very dangerous. It has also been linked to high numbers of asthma cases in city centres with lots of traffic.