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Electric power for any of the electric cars out there comes from normal household power sources. This is stored in a battery until the toy is ready to be played with.

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Q: How is the electricity in an electric car generated?
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What percentage of the world's electricity is generated by electric power?

100% of electricity is electrical power.

How does creating an electric car produce electricity?

It doesn't, an electric car uses electricity

Bad or good electric car?

It depends upon how the electric car is powered. If its fuel comes from burning coal, the car is not so great for our environment. However, if the electricity generated to power the car comes from wind, solar, geothermal, or hydroelectric, it is much better.

What does hydro-electricity do?

Hyro-electricity is the same as any other electricity. the Hydro- prefix merely denotes how the electricity was generated, in this case it was generated at a hydro-electric plant which uses the potential energy of elevated water to generate electricity.

What kind of fuel does an electric car use?

Electricity, Hence the name "electric car"...

What are u doing about the electric car?

The problem with electric cars is, where does the electricity come from to charge them up? Most electricity is generated by burning coal or oil. Some is hydroelectric, and some is generated by burning natural gas. If you are burning oil or natural gas to generate electricity for your electric car, you are WASTING half of it; it would be better to carry the oil or natural gas with you, and use it for fuel. The only electricity source that really makes sense for electric cars is something that cannot be made portable, and produces less total pollution that burning gas; nuclear or hydroelectric powerplants. Unfortunately, there isn't nearly enough nuclear or hydro power to waste on electric cars.

Can electricity be generated without using man-made materials?

yes electricity collects in clouds to form lightning and in living organisims such as the electric eel. Also static electricity can be generated using friction (in hair for example).

What is solar electricity?

Electricity generated by the sun with the use of Solar Panels. They use Solar cells to convert sun light into electric energy

In uk electricity is generated as?

in the uk electricity is generated at ?

Do you have to plug a hybrid car in to recharge?

Certain hybrid cars that are electric have the option of a plug in charger. Others simply use excess electricity generated by the combustion engine to charge the battery itself.

What does hydrelectricity do?

Hydroelectricity does what all electricity does. Hydro refers to the source of the electricity (generated by moving water) rather than the nature of the electric current itself.

Does all electricity generate from nuclear technology?

No. electric power has been in common use for over one hundred years, but nuclear technology has been in use for only about fifty or sixty years. Hydroelectric power is generated by flowing water as at a dam. Solar electric power is electricity generated by sunlight. Geothermal electricity is generated by the heat from inside the Earth used to convert water into steam in a generator. Windmills driven by the wind generate electric power; and there are many other sources of electric power.