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When the car is idling in an enclosed space, such as a garage, the Oxygen in the enclosed space is constantly being used up by the engine to burn the fuel. In time, the amount of Oxygen in the air decreases and the amount of Carbon-dioxide increases. So after a while, the engine does not get enough Oxygen to burn the fuel completely resulting in incomplete combustion of fuel. This incomplete combustion results in the production of Carbon-monoxide (CO) instead of Carbon-dioxide (CO2).

Similarly when the tailpipe of an automobile is obstructed (by water or other physical obstructions), this creates a back-pressure to the engine and the engine does not suck in enough air from the atmosphere resulting in incomplete combustion of fuel followed by production of Carbon-monoxide.

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Q: How is carbon monoxide formed in a car engine?
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What happens to carbon when isooctane burns in a car's engine?

When hydrocarbons are burned, carbon dioxide is formed. If the hydrocarbon is burned in low amount of oxygen, carbon monoxide can be formed. Carbon monoxide is harmful for animals.

Which gas becomes from car engine?

carbon Monoxide

Should you stay in a car while the car is on?

Carbon monoxide is what an engine produces, and it kills.

What are car engine fumes?

Fumes which are a byproduct of combustion within the engine block, most commonly Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide.

How is carbon monoxide made in car?

Carbon Monoxide is a by-product of combustion of petroleum (Gasoline) When gasoline burns (Because of the ignition that happens within the engine) it products carbon monoxide (Chemical Formula "CO"). The greater the engine capacity and power/speed, the greater is the amount of gasoline that gets burnt and greater is the amount of carbon monoxide produced

How much carbon monoxide per year for a car?

Almost none. The combustion in a car engine is nearly complete.

How does a catalytic converter removes carbon monoxide from car fumes?

It does not remove carbon monoxide.

Why is carbon monoxide emitted by a car exhaust?

Carbon dioxide is one element given off after burning of fuels(hydr-carbons) in an oxygen atmosphere. The buring inside the piston of a car's engine does not completely burn all the carbon so carbon monoxide is produced in addition to carbon dioxide.

How do you pronounce carbon monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is pronounced Car-Bon Mon-Ox-Ide

Why is carbon monoxide present in car exhausts?

It is the burnt product after the oxygen and fuel are mixed and used to power the engine.

Why is carbon monoxide is made as well as carbon dioxide in car engine?

Co is form in high temperatures. Co2 form because of burning of fuels.

If the exhuast is gone and you drive it will it harm the engine?

No it won't hurt the engine BUT you could get carbon monoxide in the car. Don't sit in a parked car with the engine running if your exhaust is bad - it could kill you.