How is Turbo Works?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A turbo works by directing the exhaust gas through the turbine part of the turbo, the gases spin a turbine wheel(kind of like a fan) the wheel is on a shaft that spin the the compressor wheel. The compressor wheel draws air in and pumps it through the compressor housing which increases the air pressure/density. The compressed air is forced into the engine, increasing the engines volumetric effiecency, producing more power.

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Q: How is Turbo Works?
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Swap1992 Nissan 300zx none turbo to turbo engine?

you stick it in and it works the same.

Your mob wars turbo doesnt work?

Works great.

What is a turbo twin engine?

The twin turbo engine, has two turbos. With only one turbo, there's what they call "turbo lag", which occurs when the car shifts. a turbo works to certain rpms, but when you shift, all the pressure is lost. So the car needs to starts again taking all the pressure. the twin turbo has 1 turbo that works at low rpm and the other one works for high rpm. With this, you eliminate the turbo lag,...for some they call this new system, "misfiring system" like for the Lan Evo 3. They also call it "anti-lag". P.S. :I just stated the previous answer much clearly.

Does turbo c plus plus works on an android operating system?


Why does vauxhall combo 1.7 di turbo keep blowing?

It works! I think...

Can you install a sard regulator without turbo?

Yes, the Sard Fuel pressure regulator works on both turbo and N/A engines. I would recommend the Standard type regulator.

Can you use a manual turbo in a automatic?

a turbocharger works on the engine only, it does not matter if the gearbox is manual or automatic

Is turbo c is available for windows 7?

Yes, it is available for windows 7. You can run Turbo C in windows 7 basically using DOS Box emulator. Turbo C works fine with windows 7. Up to now, many programmers use Turbo C in programming C in windows environment.

If you're 149 pounds and 5'7 how could you lose a lot of weight?

Turbo Jam!! seriously fun and works

Can you put a blow off valve in a 4 speed automatic?

yes it still works the same on a automatic car that is turbo, as it does on a manual, it works off the waste gate not the tranny

What trannsmission works well with chevy350?

A 400 Turbo, 350 Turbo, and a 700-R4 (TH400, TH350, TH700) I recommend a 700-R4, all around best transmission, and lots better mps's compared to the others

How do you fix a sticking waste gate for a turbo charger?

Depends on where the problem is. If the problem is the wastegate acutuator (gold or rusty cylinder attached to the turbo), replace it. If the problem is the wastegate flapper assembly (arm attached to turbine housing on the turbo), pentrating oil works wonders. If that does not work, you have to replace the turbine housing.