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The cars computer is calibrated for a certain gauge wire. There is a small amount of leeway allowed. However use as close to original gauge wire as possible.

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Q: How important is the gauge of wire to an injector connector?
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What causes an open injector circuit code on a Dodge ram 1500?

Unplugged connector, failed injector, broken wire, bad computer.

Is code p0203 for a Jeep liberty a fuse?

Not likely, it is a fault with injector number 3, if it were a fuse it would be the whole injection system. You most likely have a disconnected wire connector, a bad wire, or a bad injector.

Why won't my gas gauge work?

Your sending unit in the fuel tank may be bad, the wire connector could be disconnectged or there is a broken wire in the circuit, or the gauge itself has an issue.

Can you drive your grand Marquis with a blown spark plug?

by disconnecting the coil or plug wire and the fuel injector connector also for that cylinder.

Where is the fuel gauge fuse located on a 1993 Hyundai Excel?

there is no fuse located for fuel gauge. check connector. maybe it is lose or some wire is discontented. check connector and cable in the back seats.

How do you reconnect my alarm wire that was cut to silent the alarm?

find the wire and use a wire connector that is the same gauge as the wire.krimp the ends and you should restore power to your alarm.

What causes my temperature gauge not to work after i replaced the thermostat in my 94 mercury topaz?

Since you had to unplug the wire connector, there is most likely damage to the connector. Check it carefully.

Why would your 1993 jeep wrangler temp gauge act erratic or not at all?

Loose connector, wire grounding out, bad sensor.

What is the best gauge copper wire to use for a radio antenna?

use a stronger wire for longer antennas...the gauge may not be as important as the strength if you string it outside.

Why Heated seats suburban not working fuses in both blocks good what can be the problem?

Check the large connector under the seat. It is located towards the rear. The thick orange wire is possibly fried inside connector. The plastic connector used in this application is not rated for this wire gauge. It is possible to bypass connector (cheap) or replace all related wiring in the vehicle (expensive).

How big is 6 gauge wire?

The size of the wire is stated by its gauge under American Wire Gauge. Six gauge wire is size 6 AWG.

Is 8 gauge weld wire fencing stronger than 10 gauge wire?

Wire gauges are defined in such a way that the lower the gauge, the thicker the wire. So, 8 gauge wire is thicker than 10 gauge wire.