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Most modern vehicles can up to 3 or 4 times more efficient than vehicles fifty years ago, depending on the type of vehicle.

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Q: How fuel efficient are cars today compared to 50 years ago?
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How are fuel efficent cars today compared to 50 years ago?

10-15mpg 50 years ago. However, 25 years ago, cars got 30+mpg quite easily....

What are the most fuel efficient 2013 cars?

The most fuel efficient cars can be compared using the motoring magazines but for comparisons tailored to specific vehicle usage, you cannot beat the comparison websites.

What is the best energy efficent cars today?

The most energy efficient car available is the Toyota Prius. Please see the following, for additional information:

How did the early cars affect the environment?

Early cars produced more pollution (per car)than cars today, but people didn't drive as much and there weren't as many cars on the road as compared to today.

Why are modern racing cars more balanced than old racing cars?

Advancements in aerodynamics and in chassis have balanced out the cars today compared to in older times.

Are all hybrid cars energy efficient?

Not all cars are in need of being more efficient depending on what standpoint this is considered. Hybrids, relatively speaking are very efficient cars.

Which models are the most fuel efficient cars?

The most fuel efficient vehicles on the market today are usually hybrids. However, many small and economy sized vehicles on the market are not hybrids but are very fuel efficient as well.

Were cars invented 100 years ago?

Yesss and they weren't as good as the ones we have today but yes 100 years ago they did have cars

Why early cars did not travel quickly?

Because their engines were technologically poor, so they were weak. And all the other characteristics were also defective when compared to the today's cars.

How many fuel efficient cars are in the US?

Any sub-compact, compact, or mid-sized car sold within the last 10 years is a fuel efficient car.

How are cars energy efficient?

they arn't

Are fuel efficient and energy efficient cars the same thing?

In a basic way, but fuel efficient cars usually refers to gasoline or diesel cars that get great mileage per gallon, energy efficient refers to any vehicle including hydrogen, electric, and hybrid.