How fast does the drz 125 two stroke go?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I can't find any mentions for a Suzuki DR-Z 125 2-stroke. The Suzuki DR-Z 125 4-stroke bike has a top speed of 50mph

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Q: How fast does the drz 125 two stroke go?
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Is a drz 125 a two stroke?

no it is 4

Is a klx 125 a two stroke?


What is the difference in Yamaha yz models?

a yz250 is two stroke and a yz250f is four stroke. same with the 125 and 85

Is a 125 klx kawasaki dirt bike a 4 stroke?

No, it is a two stroke in the 2005 model I looked up.

Is a Honda Dylan 125 two stoke or four stroke?

The Honda Dylan is powered by a four stroke engine.

Which is better a 125 2 stroke or a 250 4 stroke?

I would have to say the two stroke. I have a banshee that can hold its own with atvs twice the size

Is a rm 125 2 or 4 stroke?

The Suzuki RM125 is indeed a two stroke. This can be observed by the bulge in the exhaust pipe. This feature is only present on 2-stroke engines.

What size dirt bike should a 5' person ride?

125 is two stroke is good

Should you get a 90-110cc dirt bike or a 125 bike?

If you are looking into a 4 stroke, I would get a 125cc. A cr 150 would also be a good 4 stroke dirt bike. If you want a two stroke, I would go with a full size 125cc. Any Yz 125, or a 2001 - 2003 kx 125 would be good. Two strokes are jumpy and very fast, so only get one if you are experienced. If ur not very experienced, it might work if you have good throttle control and dont mind a LOT of speed. A 2001 kx 125 is now my first and only bike. I have had it for three weeks, and i love it.

How to tell a if ktm is a 125 or 250?

A 250 two stroke has a bigger fatty pipe. It comes out of the front of the bike goes to one side then comes to the opposite side. A 125 two stroke comes out the front and goes to one side but stays to that side going towards the back of the bike. Also the 250 has more power than the 125.

What size of bike is travis pastrana's suzuki?

It is a 250 two-stroke. Back when he raced with black backgrounds it was a 125.

How fast is a Honda crf 100cc 2 stroke?

there is no crf 100 two stroke. it would be a four stoke and it has about seven hp.