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Your arms should almost be straight for maximum control.

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Q: How far should your body be from the steering wheel?
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How far away from the steering wheel should you be?

10 inches

Is there a recommended procedure for securing a steering wheel when towing a truck in reverse?

There are a couple ways to do this. A&W Direct sells a steering wheel bar that locks the steering wheel in place. Or, what I used to do, you could wrap the seat belt around the steering wheel, click it in, and then slide the seat back as far as you can and that should keep the wheel from moving.

To reduce air bag deployment injury how far should you be from steering wheel?

12 inches or more.

To reduce injury in the event your air bag deploys position your body at least how far from the steering wheel?

10 inches

Can the steering wheel be replaced in a 2010 GMC Sierra to include audio controls?

yes you can or at least as far as i have been told and read. all you need is a new steering wheel with audio controls Ive priced them at the dealer for about $150 and worst case scenario is that you have to replace the clock spring under the steering wheel but the truck should already be wired for it.

Why is your automatic car stuck in park?

This sometimes happens when you park your car with the steering wheel turned too far to the right or to the left locking the steering wheel and trans. in park.

What is purpose of clock spring on a 1997 ford f150?

As far as I know the clock spring allows the wiring to the steering wheel horn and cruise control buttons to feed in and out when the steering wheel is turned

Why can't you turn the ignition key in your car?

I was trying to do it but it does not work... Sometimes the key will not turn when the steering wheel is turned too far. Try turning the steering wheel and key at the same time. Good luck.

Who invented the wheel of the car?

Alfred Vacheron, as far as I know...In 1984 he competed in the Paris-Rouen race, driving a racecar that he had customized with a steering wheel.

Nissan altima 2000 gle- what could be reason for sound from front side when the steering wheel is turned completely the car is started but not moving the sound does not come when the car is moving?

It is your power steering reaching its stop but since you are still turning the wheel it is trying to go further Turning your steering wheel as far as it will turn to the left or right for over 5 seconds can ruin your power steering pump.

Why won't your key turn in your ignition?

It could be the wrong key...not inserted completely (or inserted to far if the lock is damaged)...the steering wheel lock could be exterting extra pressure on the lock (try moving the steering wheel a bit to see if that helps)

Where can you find a fuse block for a 1993 geo prizm oem no 94853192?

One is under the hood on the far left side. Contains spare and main electrical components. Second is under steering wheel and to the far left. If you lay down in the driver seat upside down and facing the underside of your steering wheel, it will be to your direct right.