How far should you stop behind a limit line?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You must stop before your car reaches the line marked on the road. If your front bumper is above the line when you stop then you technically did not stop and can be ticketed. On the other hand if you stop more then about a half a car length before the line, you are not considered to be at the traffic control sign yet.

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Q: How far should you stop behind a limit line?
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Distance to stop behind a stop sign What is the maximum distance from a stop sign that a car can stop and meet its legal stop requirement in California?

Just before the first line you come to, or, the limit line. Too far back and you really didn't stop at the sign. There are sometimes three lines. One short one, the limit line, and two marked for the cross walk.

What is the limit line?

The limit line is a line that is painted on most roads. It indicates exactly where traffic is supposed to stop at a light or sign.

A limit line marks the beginning of a intersection true or false?

It is false that a limit line marks the beginning of an intersection. A limit line would mark where you need to stop.

Does A limit line indicates the speed limit for that road?

No, Limit line marks the crosswalk and the beginning of an intersection. If the light is red, you must stop before the first white line.

A limit line marks?

A limit line marks the intersection and sections out a crosswalk. The limit line is where the nose of your car needs to be when you come to a complete stop.

In North Carolina how far from a stop sign must I stop to pass my road test?

The rule is to stop behind the stop sign. If there is a white line on the road, the vehicle should be completely behind it. Once you have come to a full stop, you may have to creep forward to see safely.

How many feet should you stop behind a school bus in Louisiana?

You should stop 50 feet behind a school bus.

How far from a stop sign do you have to be before going again?

In the UK there is no set distance. The rule is that all vehicles should completely behind the stop line and proceed when it is safe to do so.

You never have to stop more than once at a stop sign?

. False If you are behind other cars you have to stop. Then, you have to stop when you are first in line. Plus, if there's a car coming from your left you should stop again until it's safe to go.

What line should you stop on the red light - There are usually two line on the cross - which one I you should stop at?


What you do on a red stop sign?

You come to a complete stop at the limit line or before entering the crosswalk/intersection of that specific red stop sign.

Where to stop for a stop sign in Ontario?

At the white line or the nearest line of the crosswalk. If there is no line, then at an imaginary stop-line extending out from the stop sign. You may ALSO need to stop at a point further ahead, where you can safely determine if it is safe to proceed. You obviously have to stop behind anyone ELSE who has stopped for the stop sign, then stop again when you reach the stop-line yourself.