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It is 210 miles from Greensburg, Pennsylvania to Sandusky, Ohio. By car, travel time would be approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes.

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Q: How far is it from greensburg Pennsylvania to sandusky Ohio?
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How far is it from st Louis Missouri to sandusky Ohio?

How far is it from st louis MO to sandusky ohio aproximently?

How far is sandusky ohio from cedar point?

They are less than 10 minutes away from each other.

How far is sandusky Ohio from south bend Indiana?

About 202 miles, and about 3 hours

How far is Cedar Point from Clyde Ohio?

Clyde Ohio is approximately 30 minutes away from Cedar Point which is located in Sandusky Ohio.

How far is it from Sandusky Ohio to San Antonio Texas?

It is 1,440 miles according to Google Maps.

How far is Niagara Falls Canada from Sandusky Ohio?

Lake Erie is across Sandusky Bay from Lake Erie, probably 2 or 3 miles by water. Traveled it many times in a boat.

The millennium force roller coaster is in which amuesment park?

i am sure, cedar point in Sandusky Ohio, been there many times. My favorite coaster by far!

How far is sandusky Ohio to put n bay?

31 miles. 18 miles drive to Port Clinton, 13 mile ferry ride.

How far is the drive from miamisburg Ohio from sandusky Ohio?

205 miles taking this route:Take SR-4 SOUTH from Sandusky to I-80/I-90 OHIO TURNPIKE (toll). Follow signs to I-80/I-90 WEST.Take I-80/I-90 WEST to I-75 at EXIT 64 near Toledo. Follow signs to I-75 SOUTH to DAYTON.Take I-75 SOUTH to Miamisburg.

How far is Hershey Pennsylvania from Cleveland Ohio?

It is 344 miles according to Google Maps.

What is the halfway point between Cleveland Ohio and Toledo Ohio?

Benezette, Pennsylvania is the halfway point between Long Island, New York and Toledo, Ohio. There is approximately 604 miles between New York and Ohio.

How far is it form Medina Ohio to Hatfield Pennsylvania?

It is about a 7.0 hour drive spanning 422 miles.