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Flat towing? As far as you want - just remove the driveshaft.

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Q: How far can you tow a disabled car with auto transmission?
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How far can you tow a disabled vehicle equipped with automatic transmission?

depends. the car could be damaged differently.

How is manual transmission different from automatic transmission?

In manual transmission you have to manually switch gears in your car's gearbox. This is done by usings clutch pedal and gearstick. Car with manual transmission is much more responsive to you're driving and is considered far superior to automatic transmission.

How does auto quote work with car insurance?

Auto quotes are based on the information that you supply the company. The information is typically your age, driving history, type of car, how far you drive, and where you park your car most of the time.

Can a personal loan be added to a car loan.?

As far as I know Personal Loans are completely different from Car or Auto Loans and they can not be added to Car Loans.

What happens when you drain out the transmission fluid in a car and drive it?

what can happen to the transmission? Also is it possible to put fluid back in to save the transmission? You won't get far and you will probably do some damage to the transmission in the process.

Can you drive a car if you have transmission problem?

Yes, you can, how far you will actually manage to drive it will depend on the fault with the transmission. You might only get half a mile before the transmission stops working. :)

Where is transmission filter on deawoo laganza?

As far as I can find daewoo does not have any serviceable transmission filters. If it had one it would be inside of the transmission pan like any other make of car. However since no auto parts store sells a trans filter for a daewoo (that I can find anyway). It's a safe conclusion that they do not have them for whatever reason. This would certainly explain why they had so many transmission problems.

When transmission fluid is low how far can you drive without problems?

Transmission fluid is a very important fluid while maintaining a car. Transmission fluid can be low, and a car can drive a decent length without any problems. However, the distance is dependent on the shape and condition of the rest of the car.

2001 Lincoln ls with v8 auto the shift indacator shows e and says check transmission what does it mean?

Additional information is required. if the car fails to shift into 4/5 gear it is likely a problem with the vavle body or solenoid pack. I am attempting to resolve this problem at this time and my research so far shows that is the problem with my car. The Dealer was not concerned about damage to the transmission in this condition.

How do you say my car is your car is spanish?

The western hemisphere (most) speaks a form of Spanish. So, as far as I know, in Mexico, my car is your car is spoken "mi coche es tu coche". Sometimes, it's "mi auto es tu auto". Regional, in Texas for example, it's usually "mi carro as tu carro". It can also be said 'me auto es su auto'.

The car will do fine until I stop at a street light then when the light changes I hit the gas and the car will just roll no matter how far I push the gas. Eventually the car will go like it should.?

Check transmission fluid, if it is ok, transmission is probably slipping.

Where is the transmission fuild stick on lincoln ls?

As far as I know there is no automatic transmission fluid level dipstick on a Lincoln LS , the dealer has a way of checking from underneath the car