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applicatio status

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Q: How far Mela processing your application for a subsidy car perusal no 81807295?
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Is food technology of amity university recognised?

yes of course.even it has received a subsidy of 75 lakh from ministry of food processing.

How do subsidies affect free trade?

A welfare loss arises from the application of the subsidy, since the subsidy creates a wedge between the optimal price (world price) and the actual price paid to domestic producers.

What is an example sentence of subsidy?

Section 8 housing is a rental subsidy.The subsidy provided $225 dollars toward burial expenses.The US government can provide subsidy monies to citizens.

How can you get a free subsidy password for your Motorola RAZR?

I don't think you can get free subsidy codes for this mode.. but you can get affordable subsidy codes from

How education subsidy s different from home or car subsidy?


Can you use subsidy in a sentence?

The company needed subsidy to get their business running.

Do wind turbines need subsidy?

Yes they do need subsidy they need money to build and the farmers get money for having a wind turbine in their farm they get subsidy very very high subsidy all from the tax payer

Free subsidy code for Motorola v180 please?

I don't think you can get free subsidy codes for this model.. but you can purchase affordable subsidy codes from .

Do Swedish farmers get EU subsidy?

of course ,farmer subsidy is 80 percent of eu budget.

What is the purpose of a government subsidy?

The subsidy encourages whoever gets it to continue doing whatever he does to get it. It also encourages him to vote for any politicians that helped get his subsidy. ( The stated intent of a subsidy is to encourage behavior which benefits the country. )

what actions by the government constitutes a subsidy?

A payment to farmers for not cultivating land is an action by the government to constitute a subsidy.

Motorola V9 subsidy password imei-356465014058734?

You can get subsidy password for Motorola V9 from