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The car seat travel system basically is a car seat and a stroller. The car seat can be used either in the car (with the base provided) or in the stroller. The stroller fits both a car seat, when fitted facing backwards, and a larger child in the seat facing forwards. Travel systems give parents options at affordable prices. Many companies produce these travel systems, among them Graco and Britax.

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Q: How does the car seat travel system work?
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What can one get from the Britax Travel System?

The Britax Travel system allows the consumer to choose stroller and car seat options that work for them. The car seat incorporates itself into the stroller and there are many available accessories for these. They come in different colors and styles and car seats can be front or rear facing.

What are some companies that produce car seat strollers?

One of the more well know companies that produces car seat strollers is Graco. Orbit Baby also makes a car seat stroller, the Stroller Travel System G2. Chico Baby makes a system called the Cortina Travel System.

What can one do with the Chicco Travel System?

The Chicco Travel System is a baby carrying system that includes an infant rear-facing car seat carrier system and stroller. The stroller has an adjustable handle, reclining seat and is able to be folded with one hand.

What is a good travel system for a baby?

A good travel system for a baby is one that can be used in multiple situations. It can be used as a car seat, it can be used in a stroller and it can be used in the house.

what strollers double as a car seat?

There are quite a few. Some examples are: Eddie Bauer Adventure Travel System in Bryant $129.99; Combi Torino EX Travel System Turqoise $159.99; Graco LeisureSport Travel System $164.99.

Graco Eddie Bauer stroller travel system how does the car seat snap into the stroller?

will eddie bauer carseat fit in graco stroller

What are the disadvantages of having car seat bases?

The advantage is you can remove the car seat from the stroller to the car. The disadvantage is the size and the bulkiness, and no room for other travel accessories.

How long can a child travel in a car seat?

as long the baby is quiet

Which stroller is a travel system and has the car seat attatchment?

There are a few different brands that offer a version of travel system equipment. Grayco and Evenflo are two of them. You may need to purchase the base that is meant to go with the infant carseat for easy removal from the car. But that same carseat will snap right into the stroller designed to go with the system.

When can a child travel without a car seat in Ireland?

When they are over 1.20m tall

How do you harness 3 in 1 car seat?

there are seat belt extenders that might work

Does 2002 ford explorer have LATCH car seat system?

no they do not

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