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There are a few methods for one to contact Liberty Mutual Car Insurance in Jacksonville, Florida. The best way to contact would be by phone or fax. The phone number is 1-904-268-0503 and the fax number is 1-904-250-6538.

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2013-05-10 02:22:57
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Q: How does someone contact Liberty Mutual Car Insurance in Jacksonville Florida?
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If an individual needs to contact a Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance agent directly, the best source of information will be from the local Liberty Mutual office or from a business card. For example, Liberty Mutual in California will not contact information for agents in Massachusetts, and vice versa. If an individual needs to speak with any Liberty Mutual Auto insurance agent, they may do so by calling 888-398-8924.

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Will Liberty Mutual raise your insurance if your son gets a learners permit?

According to Liberty Mutual, in most states, when a teen has their permit and is learning to drive under supervision in the vehicle, they are automatically covered under their parent's insurance. To clarify, it depends on your state and you will have to contact Liberty Mutual to find out.

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