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You can fix a paint chip from a car by going to a near automobile fixing center. In addition, you can follow online video tutorials on car fixing on websites such as YouTube.

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Q: How does one fix a paint chip from a car?
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Where can someone get paint jobs for a car?

There are many places where one can get paint jobs for a car. One can get paint jobs for a car at popular places such as One Day Paint and the company Maaco.

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How many gallons of paint does it take to paint a car?

One half a gallon should be enough to paint most any car and probably one gallon of thinner.

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One can view videos on how to fix a car lighter on YouTube. There is even more than one video to choose from on YouTube. They are titled How to Fix a Cigarette Car Lighter.

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What to do about your car having one headlight out?

Fix it.

Can I fix my car's scratch myself with auto touch up paint?

There are many online shops that provide auto touch up paint services. is one of online shop that provides auto touch up paint services for any kind of auto cars. You can visit

What to do when the price to fix the car is more then the value of the car?

Sell It and get a new one

What are some famous car paint booths in Los Angeles?

There are a number of famous car paint booths in the Los Angeles area. Some of these car paint booths include Col-Met Auto, Community Auto and Truck, and One Day Paint.

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To find a place that does cheap car paint jobs you can go to places like Maaco, One Day Paint, Economy Paint, Spray Go, Jiffy Lube, Car Craft and Canadian Tire.

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