How does one add a car spoiler to their car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In order to add a car spoiler to a car, one must first take accurate measurements of both the spoiler and the location of installment under the trunk. Once space has been verified and the spoiler bought, the wing brackets on the spoiler should be put together and the bolts tightened. Holes should be drilled through the top sheet metal of the trunk and the underside large enough for the spoiler bolts to pass through. The spoiler can then be attached to the trunk, being sure to place the washers before tightening the bolts.

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Q: How does one add a car spoiler to their car?
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A factory-style spoiler will give your car a sporty look that most people like. You need to order a spoiler made specifically for your car. So with a make and model I cannot comment on a specific brand to choose.

What Oldsmobile Intrigue models come with a rear spoiler on the trunk?

On the GLS and GL models. You can also add one yourself.I bought a spoiler off EBay painted to match my car (give them your paint code from the trunk decal of your car).$145 shipped, and an hour of installation. Looks great! CPC

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What is a spoiler?

A spoiler is a wing on the rear of a car to Create down force for more grip when cornering at speed

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Does the spoiler of a car increase or decrease friction between the tires and the road?

The spoiler on a car is meant to create down force on the back or front of a car depending on where it's placed... Which means that yes it does increase friction but it also helps with traction at higher speeds

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