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couse the heat is bad for all the desert

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Q: How does off road vehicles affect the desert environment?
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Why do people want to use the desert for off road vehicles?

Too many people are not educated in environmental issues and look at the desert as a wasteland. They feel there is nothing to damage or destroy so run their off road vehicles over the fragile desert lands, destroying plants and animals as well as making the area much more susceptible to erosion and flash flooding,

A long barren road that goes through the centre of th North Island?

The Desert Barren (The Desert Road)

How do humans off-riding the road affect the soil in a desert biome?

Riding off-road in a desert loosens the top layers of soil, sand and rock. This make it much more vulnerable to erosion with the next heavy rain.

Can you get Off road vehicles road registered?


What do the Taklamakan Desert and the Silk Road have in common?

The Silk Road went through the Taklamakan Desert.

How might humans damage the desert?

Driving off road damages the desert.Dumping trash, used motor oil, junked vehicles, etc. damages the desert.Digging up desert plants damages the desert.Improper farming and grazing techniques damage the desert.Industrial pollution dumped in the desert damages it.

Why in rainy season the moving vehicles on road skid?

In rainy season, moving vehicles on the road will skid due to the loss of friction when the tires encounter water on the road.

When did Negev Desert road ambush happen?

Negev desert road ambush happened on 1956-10-04.

Diesel for road vehicles is also called what in the UK?

Diesel for road vehicles is known as DERV (Fuel for Diesel Engined Road Vehicles) or ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel which has a reduced sulphur content) and is white in colour.

How does road trauma affect police?

how does road trauma affect police

How many used cars are on the road?

All vehicles currently on the road are used.

What are the bad effects of road salt?

Road salt causes corosion of vehicles