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In a car accident your body has a certain amount of momentum and it wants to keep moving forward.

The seat-belts slow the body down enough so they don't hit the wind-shield or dashboard etc.

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Q: How does inertia explain why seatbelts are important in a car crash?
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Why must seatbelts be replaced after a crash?

A seat belt has to be replaced after a crash because large forces may have damaged it.

Properly worn seatbelts should increase the chance of survival when involved in a traffic crash by?


How are cars built to offer use protection if you crash?

The cars have been built with seatbelts, comfy chairs and airbags that way if you crash you will have a little bit of protection.

How do newton's three laws of motion explain changes in the motion of object in various situations?

seatbelts relate to newton's three laws because, if your in a accedent then the force of the crash would slang your body but if you wear the seatbelt then you will not be going anywhere.

Is it legal to sit in a half ton truck box?

no! that's extremely illegal. you have no crash protection, you can fallout, no seatbelts.

Can seatbelts break in really bad car crash?

Any man-made mechanical device can fail... But not likely.

Which of newtons laws best explains why motorists should buckle up?

inertia reel seatbelts are designed so that if you move around slowly the belt will feed out , allowing movement , but under harsh acceleration ie in a crash, it locks up

Where is the crash reset switch on a 06 jeep wrangler?

Jeep does not use inertia/reset switches.Jeep does not use inertia/reset switches.

Where to find Crash reset on 1998 dodge 1500?

Dodge does not use inertia/reset switches.

Exlain passive safety and provide three examples?

Passive safety features are features on a car not designed to activate in a crash, but make the car safer in the event of a crash. Three examples: 1st and 2nd generation airbag equipped vehicles' seatbelts (3rd gen airbags have detonators in the seatbelts and load sensors in the seats, and therefore are not considered 'passive'), crumple zones, and safety glass

Why do you wear seatbelts?

because my mom will crash into buildings! You wear seat belts to help protect you in the event of an accident. Besides that it is mandated by law in most states.

What is the function of an inertia switch in a ford escort?

The function of an inertia switch is bacically to "stop" the electric fuel pump from causing an explosion in a possible crash involving fuel tank rupture.