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friction helps the movement of the car by allowing it to move easily and smoothly.


Friction between the tires and the road propels the car forward and steer it. Friction in the brakes helps control the motion.

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Q: How does friction help the movement of a car?
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What are some examples of car friction?

The movement of the car through the air.

Does friction reduce or increase when a car is moving?

Friction is de opposition of motion. if a car is in motion, the friction is said to be reduced because it oppose de movement of the car.

Why are tyres useful friction?

how does friction help car tyres?

How does friction affect the movement of a car?

able to slow down

How do friction affect on car movement?

It slows it down, and causes MPG to drop.

Does friction help a the performance of a mousetrap car?


How is friction a help?

The brakes on your car are a good example.

Where wound you find an unbalanced force?

In anything that is currently moving. (>>>(car)<) Car moves -> movement of wheels/friction

How oes friction help unbog a car?

When the tires have no friction, they are not gripping on anything, therefore they spin without pushing the car forward,

What features will your car have to reduce the forces of friction and drag?

A car will have aerodynamic features to reduce forces of friction and drag. A sleek body style will help do this.

How does friction help and hurt you?

Think of a car, friction causes air resistance on the car and results in lower gas mileage, but without friction, the tires would just spin in place and the car would not go anywhere.

What kind fo friction will a car skidding on an icy road show?

Sliding Friction . . . Hoped I Help!! God bless :)