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I would be very surprised if they do. It's not easy or cheap to re-cycle water in that case.

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Q: How does car washes recycle their water that they used on a car?
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What is one way factories can conserve water?

Now this may be a little oversimplified. But I would think that the easiest way to conserve water would be to recycle it. An example of that would be the new car washes that recycle the water that they use to wash cars. You just filter it, and then use it over again.

What happens to used car batteries?

they get recycle

How are automatic car washes and self-serve car washes are the same?

The car does get cleaned.

What environmental hazards are imposed by a car wash?

Car washes are not at all environmentally friendly. Up to 100 gallons of water is used to wash a car in some automated systems. You also have the electricity to power the machinery. Also, many soaps used in car washes are not biodegradable and may be very strong solvents dangerous to humans and animals. The main hazard imposed by car washes are when underbody sprays are done or when people clean their engine bays. Oil from engine bays is drained away with the waste water and Anti-Freeze may be too if there are/were leaks in the cooling system of the car.

What technology is used for recycling?

the car compactor is used to recycle cars

Are all car washes the same?

no some car washes are touchless but some have these things that look like octupuses that hit your car.

Would a self-service car wash have a power washer in it?

Yes, most car washes have power washes in them, that is how they get your car clean fast. Some car washes are by hand by the employees but most that you drive through have power washers.

Does AutoZone offer car washes?

No, Auto Zone does not offer car washes. They only sell car parts and do some mechanic work.

How do people misuse water?

They don't use it properly by hjaving long baths instead of showers. and car washes.

When did car washes start?


Is washes a verb?

I would think so. "She washes the car" - Washes is the verb. "She washed the car" - Washed is the verb. "She is washing the car" - Washing is the verb. So the infinitive 'wash' can be altered in a sense to fit the tense or the way in which it is said and fits in a sentence.

What does the car wash do in gta iv?

washes ur car and cleans it